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UK invites India as guest to G7 Summit in Cornwall from June 11-13
By TOG News Service
Jan 27, 2021

TOG NEWS SERVICE, LONDON, JAN 27, 2021: UK Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson has invited Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to attend the G7 summit which is scheduled to be held in-person in seaside Cornwall from June 11-13, as a guest.

The G7 – which is made up of the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA and the EU – is being held in the 125-acre Carbis Bay Estate in the coastal town of Carbis Bay, supported by neighbouring St Ives and other towns across the region.

"The Prime Minister's ambition is to use the G7 to intensify cooperation between the world's democratic and technologically advanced nations. To that end, he has invited leaders from Australia, India and South Korea to attend as guest countries to deepen the expertise and experience around the table. Between them, the 10 leaders represent over 60 per cent of the people living in democracies around the world," said an official statement from Downing Street.

The UK is planning to host a number of meeting through the year, both virtually and in different locations across the country, using its G7 Presidency to unite leading democracies and advanced economies in close-knit discussions on environment, health, trade, technology, development and foreign issues.

"The invitation to India, Australia and South Korea is testament to the UK's commitment to ensuring multilateral institutions better reflect today's world. The UK was the first P5 member to support a permanent UNSC seat for India and the first G7 member to invite India to a G7 Summit in 2005. As current BRICS President and G20 President in 2023, India will play a key role driving in multilateral cooperation helping to build back better around the world," added a statement from the British High Commission.

Mr Johnson plans to use the first in-person G7 summit in almost two years to ask leaders to "seize the opportunity to build back better from coronavirus, uniting to make the future fairer, greener and more prosperous," his office said.

The US-hosted G7 was cancelled because of the pandemic while the Saudi-hosted G20 was held in a virtual format last year.

Global democratic leaders are expected to come together in June to address shared challenges, from beating coronavirus and tackling climate change, to ensuring that people everywhere can benefit from open trade, technological change and scientific discovery.