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Northeast will lead growth story of India post-COVID: Jitendra Singh
By TOG News Service
Jan 25, 2021

TOG NEWS SERVICE, SHILLONG, JAN 25, 2021: THE Minister for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Mr Jitendra Singh on Sunday said that the Northeastern States will become one of the major business and tourist destinations in post-COVID India, leading the economic resurgence.

Speaking at the North Eastern Council (NEC) Plenary, Mr Singh said that the region has distinguished itself as a model for development and COVID-19 management for the rest of the country.

The minister also said that the Northeastern region will be one of the "favourite business destinations" of India post-COVID-19 with bamboo as the "key pillar of the economic activities," an official statement said.

The entire country will look up to the Northeast for avenues of business entrepreneurship, start-up initiatives and livelihood opportunities, he told the gathering.

Mr Singh, who was on a two-day visit to the region, reiterated that ever since Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has come to office, he had delivered instructions for developing the Northeast region at par with the more developed States of the country.

The DoNER Minister acknowledged that the pace of development in the Northeast has been on the fast track since Mr Modi's government came to power in 2014.

"With the dedication of all the States and the different ministries, the Northeast will be able to overcome all challenges in the near future," he added.

Mr Singh asked all the States in the region to equip and prepare themselves to make optimum use of the favourable condition that they will have during the post-COVID period.

The two-day NEC Plenary focussed on the all-round developmental plans and projects implemented in the sectors of livelihood, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and connectivity for the Northeastern region. Augmenting investments and improving ease of doing business were also deliberated upon.