TP - Mere dissatisfaction with factual findings of ITAT regarding selection of comparables after application of quantitative/qualitative filters cannot be contested u/s 260A: HC (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Assessee is eligible to claim exemption u/s 54 where possession of flat held by him since date of allotment is handed over & capital gain is paid on transfer of property 'held': ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Customs - Classification of imported goods cannot be decided based on internet search results when Department could have obtained expert opinion or technical write-up: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Central Excise - Demands cannot be raised under rent-a-cab service where Department is unable to prove that vehicle was capital goods of assessee & was registered in its name: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')ISA - India to host first general conclave (See 'TOG News')New convention & expo centre to reflect economic progress: Modi (See 'TOG News')TP - When agreement between two resident companies does not provide for any markup on total cost then no addition is permitted by applying margin of international transactions: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - If interest income does has no direct link with eligible business or business activity then it can be considered for deduction claimed u/s 80IB & 80IC: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Central Excise - Cenvat credit be availed on supplementary invoices rasing demand for 'royalty charges' & 'stowing excise duty', 'paryavaran upkar', 'vikas upkar', 'forest fee' & 'Entry tax': CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Service Tax - Extended period of limitation cannot be invoked where issue of taxability of commission received from banks was contested during period of dispute: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Govt launches Swachhata Hi Seva campaign to promote cleanliness (See 'TOG News')Govt launches Swachhata Hi Seva campaign to promote cleanliness (See 'TOG News')Delhi Govt inks pact with Seoul for better infrastructure & public health (See 'TOG News')Govt launches star rating based on efficient energy use (See 'TOG News')DTAA - Tax Residency Certificate constitutes sufficient evidence for accepting status of residence as well as beneficial ownership for seeking treaty benefits: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Pre-deposit of duty demanded from cooperative institution can be waived off considering that its members come from marginal sections of society: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Customs - Duty exemption under Notfn No 46/2006-Cus can be denied where entire quantity of imported goods were not used to manufacture final product: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Central Excise - Cenvat credit cannot be allowed on Outdoor Catering service which is utilized for personal use by employees & has no nexus with manufacture of final product: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')
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Solar dome, jacket & water purifier, herald solar revolution: Dr Harsh Vardhan
By TOG News Service
Mar 14, 2018
TOG News Service, NEW DELHI, MAR 14, 2018: BRIEFING the press regarding recent initiatives and achievements in science and technology, the Union Minister for Science & Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan, today stated that a 'Solar revolution' would soon occur in the nation, when millions of people would benefit through technology powered by solar energy. Moreover the icing on the cake was that such technology is indigeneously developed. The technologies being highlighted are the 'Suryajyoti', which is a micro-solar dome, a solar-powered water purifier, and a jacket. He also stated that the Govt's energy plan for 2022 involves generating 175 GW of renewable power, out of which solar energy will account for 100 GW. In this regard, Dr Harsh Vardhan stated that about 20% of the target had been achieved.

The Minister emphasized on as to how such innovations sought to improve the quality of life and reduce expenditure of the people. Referring to Suryajyoti, he mentioned that from 30 users in 2016, in the present day, more than 5,000 households were benefiting from Suryajyoti to light up their homes. Costing Rs 1100/- per bulb at present, he stated that the target was to cover 100,000 homes by the year 2019. He then displayed the solar-powered jacket, and tried one on himself, before highlighting its features. The jacket costing Rs 4000/-, emits a focused light, which lights up the identification tag. The jacket also boasts of a facility to recharge cellphones and a torch with beam facilities, along with optional add-ons such as GPS and a fan. Thereby, Dr Harsh Vardhan stated that such jacket would particularly benefit defence personnel and forest officials, both of whom operated in far-flung areas.

Further, keeping in mind the clean energy needs of the country, the Minister also stated that five solar water purifiers had been produced, with each machine purifying about 400 litres of water per day.  It would be ideally suitable for village schools, primary health centres and tourist lodges, where conventional electricity is either very erratic or not available. The solar water purifier removes iron and other sediments and kills all bacteria through ultra-filtration and UV. The operational power of the system comes from sun. Moreover, two days storage capacity is inbuilt in the purifier. Such technology would be a boon, considering the unavailability of safe potable drinking water and the use of contaminated water lead to cause waterborne diseases affecting millions of citizens. Approximately 4.7 million hours are lost each year due to illnesses caused by consuming contaminated water. Solar water purifier is a pro-people green technology device developed first time in the country with the support of DST.

The highlights of this solar-powered water purifier are that it saves solar energy as treated water. It also does not require any batteries or inverter to operate. Operational with low maintenance, it causes no pollution. The usual contamination of water in rural areas is due to the iron content, bacteria and suspended particles.  There are two models available, having applications for the location having less, or more Iron. It is also capable of storing about 200 lts for cloudy days or night time.