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NTPC considers exporting electricity & unlocking full domestic demand
By TOG News Service
Feb 13, 2018

 TOG News Service, BENGALURU, FEB 13, 2018: THE Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy, Mr R.K. Singh, today inaugrated a three-day symposium on operations and maintenance on Indian power stations. The conference is titled as the ‘Indian Power Stations 2018', and addressing the gathering at its inaugration, Mr Singh exhorted the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) to rise and become a leading power producer. He further pointed towards a huge opportunity for the NTPC in exporting power to neighboring countries at cheap rates.

Further elaborating on the subject, Mr Singh stated that neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh were viable markets for export of power, where per unit cost of electricity is very high. He further stated that the Ministry of Power would explore the idea of sending teams to these countries to assess the demand for export of power. He also talked about efforts to achieve the aim of the Government to provide electricity 24x7 for all the people. In this regard, he stated that considering the entire power sector, the demand had been suppressed because not everyone had access to electricity. Thereby he stated that what was seen as excess capacity in the present day would not be so, if the entire demand was unlocked. He also touched upon the subject of coal and stated there to be no shortage of it. He did however, acknowledge the urgent need to ensure that all the coal produced reached the power stations. This may be seen as a cue to tackling issues like coal theft and pilferage.

Further, the Minister added that when all power plants in the country would run at 70-80 per cent of PLF, there would be no stressed assets. The problem of stressed assets occurred because the power plants did not receive adequate coal and that the potential demand needed to be unlocked. Expounding his views on the status of renewable energy in the country, Mr Singh stated that the progressive realization of low prices of renewable energy is sending wrong signals to the market. Mr Singh also stated that the consumers and DISCOMs needed to understand that this cheap renewable power by itself is not sufficient and needed rebalancing with support of steady power.