Fertiliser industry - Inverted duty structure & subsidy - refund woes (See 'THE INSIGHT')ITC on Food supply services arranged at Factory canteen for employees (See 'THE INSIGHT')Ease of Doing Business & Custom Audit (See 'THE INSIGHT')TP - Where assessee has advanced loan to its AE, rate of interest would be based upon rates prevailing in country where loan is utilised: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Service tax - Re-credit is an adjustment/correction of the excess reversal which was not required to be made by them: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Service tax - Denial of credit at recipient's end cannot be justified by Department without reopening the assessment at dealer's end: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Trust which misuses status conferred upon it by Section 12AA is not entitled to retain & enjoy said status - Bogus donations completely misused by 'Trusts' calls for cancellation of registration granted to it u/s 12AA & 80G: SC (See 'TOG Latest')TP - ALP adjustment is mandated only in respect of International transactions & not transactions entered into by taxpayer with independent unrelated parties: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Central Excise - Invocation of penal provisions for imposition of penalty on appellant, without proper corroboration of facts, will not meet the ends of justice: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Customs - Point of jurisdiction which goes to the root of the matter could be raised at any stage of the proceedings, which is a settled position of law: HC (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Principles of natural justice are violated where an assessee is given only 24 hours' time to comply with the options given under a draft assessment order: HC (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Assessment made u/s 143(3) or u/s 144(4) referable to subsection (2) other than sub-section (8) on or after 1st day of April, 2021 shall be non est if such assessment is not made in accordance with procedure laid down u/s 144B: HC (See 'TOG Latest')I-T - Once accepted that identity & creditworthiness of subscribers is not in doubtful, there is no reason to doubt the genuineness of transactions merely for reason that share certificates issued to shareholders was not furnished: ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')DTAA - Profits earned from reinsurance business of Indian subsidiary cannot be brought to tax in hands of foreign holding company in India, if such subsidiary is not 'Permanent Establishment': ITAT (See 'TOG Latest')Service tax - Penalty amount, forfeiture of earnest money deposit & liquidated damages had been received by said appellants towardsCentral Excise - Assessee is entitled to refund of amount of Cenvat Credit lying in their Cenvat Credit account on closure of business - Interest is payable upon delayed disbursal of refund , as per section 11BB of CEA 1944: CESTAT (See 'TOG Latest')Retrospective Effect In Tax Laws- Non-adversarial Tax Environment (See 'THE INSIGHT')Vivad Se Vishwas scheme - Tax demands of Rs 99,756 crores settled (See 'TOG NEWS')
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